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Our team shares a passion for fitness and community. Our staff members come to us with years of experience helping people become the best version of themselves. Whether your goals are weight loss, fine tuning or just to get in shape and have fun, we’ll make sure you reach every single one.

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Managing Director

I specialise in helping people with chronic conditions find their own unique healing path through yoga, Pilates and other proven techniques and personal experience. My goal is to have the most positive impact on clients that I work with helping them with their mindset, motivation and lifestyle changes. I'm passionate helping people to find the right balance. Everyone deserves the right to good health and to be happy with themselves inside and out.

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 3 Pilates Instructor

  • RYT 500 Yoga Teacher

  • Kettlebell Instructor

  • First Aid

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Personal Trainer

I originally got into the fitness industry because of my own struggles with injury. I was given the option of corrective surgery and never play again or spend 3 years of having treatment and doing rehabilitation exercises and through this I learnt a lot about the body and discovered a passion for helping people come back from injury, as well as achieving their health and fitness goals.

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Kettlebell Instructor

  • Strength and Functional Coach

  • Padwork Instructor

  • Outdoor Fitness

  • First Aid

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Personal Trainer

 I have helped clients with weight loss and lean muscle gain through various resistance training & free weights all with lasting effects using diet to maintain their result. I specialize in high intensity but low impact circuit training, HIIT and LIIT body conditioning. To me exercise should be as fun as possible so after a session you feel energized and feel like you can achieve anything! I am a pre-and post-natal trainer- my inspiration came from closing my own abdominal separation after having my second child through post-natal Pilates based exercises.. My goal is to help clients gain healthy lasting habits and confidence so they feel they can achieve anything in life and in the gym.

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • CPD in Pre-and Post-Natal

  • First Aid

  • HIIT and LIIT

  • Nutrition

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Personal Trainer

I have 20 years experience in the fitness industry and have been a personal trainer for over 8 years. I got onto this path because I enjoyed every aspect of fitness that was involved with boxing and wanted to share that with other people. My favourite part of fitness is the feeling of success and personal achievement that you get from a good workout. This was the main thing that I wanted to share with others as it creates an extremely positive mindset towards exercise.

  • Level 3 YMCA Personal Trainer

  • HIIT Training Coach

  • Level 1 Boxing Coach

  • First Aid

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Gym Instructor

My aim is to encourage people of all abilities to get fit and improve their wellbeing by providing a supportive space and a friendly face and environment for them to do so. I know how being unfit and having underlying health conditions can affect your whole life, and I want to help those who want to bring about a positive change to theirs. I also have a real passion for nutrition and the power of food as medicine and how what we eat and how we fuel our bodies has a huge impact on our performance and wellbeing. I would love nothing more than to use my own experience and my own journey to help others feel amazing and reach their goals!

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

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Personal Trainer

My health and fitness career began when I ran my first London marathon at 18, having been dancing for most of my life exercise has always been a central part of my daily routine. After suffering from back pain during my training, I moved my focus to functional movement and bodyweight exercises to help perfect my technique. My training focuses on short HIIT style circuits that can be done in any environment, as well as training for my next marathon I also run a university programme helping students to keep active and fit in exercise around their studies. I want people to enjoy their workouts, Exercise doesn’t have to involve hours on the treadmill or machines - we can take your training back to basics and have fun at the same time!

  • Level 3 Personal Training

  • CPD in Padwork

  • CPD in Barre Pilates

  • GP Referral

  • 200 FLY Yoga Teacher

  • Sport and Exercise Nutrition

  • Allied member British Dietetic Association

  • Pre-and-Post Natal

  • First Aid

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Zumba Teacher

I have been teaching all aspects of Dance & Fitness for many years and still love the challenge and rewards it brings. Many students have qualified as teachers or have gone on to dance professionally. Teaching Zumba & Fitness has been great fun and a wonderful way of exercising not just the body but the brain to remember all the dance moves. I also do Private lessons to help towards Exams or for events such as a first Wedding Dance.

  • Associate Member IDTA in Ballet

  • Qualified Zumba Teacher & Fitness

  • First Aid

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Yoga Teacher

I completed Yoga Teacher training near the Himalayas, in Rishikesh. I learned that yoga is a journey. Once you start practicing yoga you soon realise there is no end to that journey. I then travelled to Thailand, Cambodia and many places in Europe, living and teaching yoga. I try to make each class unique by mixing up and varying the sequences to keep things interesting. My classes can easily be adapted for beginner to intermediate students. I like to keep things achievable but also challenging for all levels.

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher

  • First Aid

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Pilates Teacher

I attended my first yoga class forty years ago and taught yoga for three years in London in my early twenties. After moving to Horsham and starting a family I helped coach at Horsham Rugby Club. About twenty years ago I started doing Pilates as rehab for a back issue I was having. The underlying problem will always be with me, but thanks to Pilates I am in remission and pain-free. Pilates has truly changed my life. After thirty-six years as an IT consultant I decided to take a career change and teach the discipline that has made such a difference to me, I have now been teaching for five years. I particularly enjoy helping people regain the strength and flexibility that they may have lost from years of inactivity or injury and to make the most of their lives. It's never too late. My classes focus on good posture, good balance and developing core strength to help you move efficiently in your daily routine, whether that be gardening, golf or anything else!"

  • Level 3 Pilates Instructor

  • First Aid

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NIA Teacher

It's my passion and privilege to share Nia, this wonderful wellness practice. I've always loved dance and movement so was blessed to find Nia, fall in love with it as a student and then train to teach it. When not sharing Nia or learning more about it on a daily basis, I am enjoying time with my family, baby granddaughter and my garden. You might have seen that we learn about Nia via a Belt system and I'm a Blue Belt, currently taking my Brown. I am also trained to deliver Nia 'Moving to Heal' classes and I incorporate these for my students. The learning never stops which is one of the reasons I love Nia - ever evolving, ever growing- so exciting! Teaching triples the joy that I receive and my student community is very close to my heart. You are welcome any time. All my classes and workshops are open to everyBODY, no matter what age or level of fitness. Nia has the potential in relationship with you, to other words to make make us feel better no matter where our 'now' body is.

  • Nia Certified Teacher

  • Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching with ICF and EMCC

  • BA Honours in Humanities

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Tai Chi Teacher

Paul is The Chief Instructor of the Karate Academy and teaches around the West Sussex Area. He is also Reiki Master and Instructor of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung. Paul has attended various courses on Healing, and Meditation and has discovered that Chi can assist within the training of Martial Arts, Illness, Disease, Clearing Emotional blockage and aids positive thinking. y that teaches across all ages and abilities including helping those for mental well being. Also within Tai Chi different forms of meditation are taught to help calm and relax the mind and heal the body.

  • Tai Chi Teacher

  • Chi Kung Teacher

  • Karate Teacher

  • Reiki Master



Yoga Teacher

I am delighted to join team at Bodywise as a Sunday yoga teacher. I trained as a yoga teacher after having done yoga for a number of years and developing a deep interest and love of yoga; through which I wanted to share yoga with others. I believe yoga can be for anyone and everyone.  I like to keep my classes interesting with varied and mixed sequences, and options for everyone from beginners to the more experienced, while hopefully keeping a sense of fun. After all, yoga should be enjoyed.

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher

Helen Mercercox Yoga Teacher_edited.jpg


Yoga Teacher

I have personally practiced Yoga for many years and following redundancy I followed my passion and retrained as a yoga teacher.  I am passionate about sharing the amazing power of yoga which I combine with essential oils & ayurveda. I’d like you to feel at home & welcome in my classes, I am here to support & guide you, to help you bring some harmony into your life. I believe yoga is for everyone regardless of fitness level, size or shape, let me help you discover this wonderful practice.  My classes are influenced by nature and the changing seasons, I would love to share some of this magic with you.

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher

  • Level 2 Ayurveda 

  • First Aid