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Through Movement we find Health. Nia Explained.

"Through Movement we find Health" is all encompassing. Every person has a unique way of seeking and finding health.

By learning how to choose joy and seek vitality through movement many issues of mental health and emotional challenges can shift to a general sense of wellbeing.

For Nia teachers, this in the way to move and model the moves, listen and dance to music and create that special environment that allows for expression of "your body's way" it becomes much more than "just" another fitness class. It involves the whole human being.

Here are a few more highlights:

Nia is - a movement practice based on Joy of Movement

Nia is - a lifestyle practice that teaches us to choose Joy and Pleasure throughout our day - this is based on Sensation, what our bodies tell us using signals of pain and pleasure- by practising this we can learn to self-heal through Movement.

Nia is - a barefoot movement practice program that offers classes with body centred choreography put to eclectic world music - it is simple, anyBODY can follow and adapt the movements to fit their fitness and capacity level.

Nia is - based on The Body´s Way anatomy and teaches students to become more conscious and aware - to gain conditioning in both gentle and challenging ways.

Nia is - a movement journey that includes an approach seeing the human being as a Whole, addressing Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.

Nia is - an Experience! Every class is rooted in the basic 52 moves and each class has a focus, a unique choreography that allows each participant to learn new skills, break habits and discover potential.

To describe Nia is an Art in itself. It´s root is in Non-Impact-Aerobics and was at that time, 40 years ago, different in that it went against the tide of HIGH impact "no pain no gain"... Taking our shoes off, eliminating jumping and learning to weight shift and move in ways to sense, feel, heal and respect the flow of energy gave it so much more.

Nia is - The Art of Sensation

Nia is - turning 40 years old!


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