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Progress Path: Inside the Results Club

At Bodywise Boutique, we encourage you to maximise the benefits of your well-being membership by joining our Results Club. This exclusive session offers you the opportunity to connect with a member of our knowledgeable staff to discuss your fitness goals in depth.

After your initial consultation, you can schedule regular check-ins every four weeks to track your progress and receive personalised guidance. Utilising advanced technology like Tanita, we analyse crucial body metrics including weight, BMI, visceral fat, and body water percentage. This comprehensive assessment allows us to tailor our support to focus on areas that need improvement and guide you towards achieving your desired outcomes.

In addition to monitoring your body composition, we also conduct assessments for blood pressure and flexibility. Ensuring your blood pressure remains within healthy parameters and tracking improvements in flexibility from your class participation are integral aspects of our holistic approach to wellness.

Furthermore, we offer measurements tracking to monitor changes in body fat, weight loss, or muscle gain, aligning with your specific objectives. By regularly assessing your progress and providing ongoing support, we aim to keep you motivated and accountable on your journey towards optimal health and fitness.

Here are a few questions answered from regular ones we get when going through customers assessments.

Why are my water levels low?

This could come down too many factors from dehydration so not drinking enough fluid throughout the day. Excessive sweating so during intense exercise your body loses water and your water levels will become lower. You may have had a recent illness, such as a fever or vomiting can increase fluid loss. Dietary factors like consuming a high salt diet or caffeine can increase loss of fluid through urine and even alcohol consumption as alcohol is a diuretic meaning it will increase urine production and also lead to dehydration so all of these above mentioned can be a reason your water levels are low.

Why I am training so hard and my muscle quality and mass is lower?

This can come down to several things, because you’re training everyday doesn’t mean you will increase your muscle quicker. For example, over training is very common as consistent training is essential for muscle growth over training can have the opposite effect and can decrease performance and fatigue. Make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep and recovery for muscle repair and growth. Another reason can be not feeding your body the correct nutrition it needs to build and repair, lack of nutrients and not consuming enough calories can hinder muscle growth. Lack of progressive overload can affect training as you need to stimulate muscle growth with a progressive increase on your workouts, whether it is more reps, more sets or more weight added, so always challenge yourself.

What is visceral fat and how can I reduce it?

Visceral fat is also known as intra-abdominal or organ fat as it’s the fat which surrounds your internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines within your abdominal cavity. To help reduce visceral fat will you need to try and control your calories and eat healthier, regular exercise, reduce stress, adequate sleep, limit alcohol intake and hydration. These mentioned will help you reduce your visceral fat which can help prevent your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and much more.

Why is it important to take my measurements?

Its important to take your measurements as it’s a great way to track progress on your fitness journey. It’s also a very good way to help keep you motivated by seeing that your waist has slimmed down or your muscles have grown for example. Identifying plateaus or improvements, we may notice progress is slowing down and may need to check your workout program or nutrition to help keep progress coming. To help set realistic goals and having something to work towards on your fitness journey. Accountability and celebrating achievements, checking to see you have reached a certain goal you have set and celebrating this achievement.


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