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Indulge in relaxing mini spa day experience and treat yourself to a massage of your choice followed by an infrared sauna  session. Choose from three different massages to suit your needs.

Deep tissue Sports Massage - helps aid recovery from injury, helps to break down scar tissue reducing the likelihood of repeat injury. It reduces pain, tension and fatigue also calming and relaxing the body aiding stress relief. Regular sports massage can also reduce the risk of injury and increase your overall well being. The massage can be tailored to the individual, athlete or not.

Myofascial release - Is a very light massage technique working on the body's fascia  which surrounds and supports the muscles throughout your body. This massage focuses on reducing pain by easing the tension and tightness enabling the muscles to release.

Pregnancy Massage - as above, but tailored to the stage of Pregnancy.

Infrared sauna - with heat therapy, you'll enjoy the detoxifying benefits, enhanced pain relief, continued relaxation after a massage, cleansing of your circulatory system ensuring that your body is able to perform optimally at the cellular level, clear blockages, release impingements and encourage healthy blood flow.


  • Indulge in a relaxing mini spa day experience

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    95 British pounds
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